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Oriental Beauty Tea

Product name: Oriental Beauty Tea
Model no.: OB100
Quantity: 1
Weight / tea leaves: 100g
Soup: amber
Smell: natural ripe fruits
Taste: natural honey
After taste: without sweet
Shape of leaves : short-slim
Fermented: Heavy ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Roasted: light

Grade: □ excellent █ good □ fair □ poor
Elevation: 200~400 meters
Species: Qin Xin Da Moll Oolong
Pick Season: Summer
Pick way: by hand
Leaves picked: one bud with 2~3 leaves
Unit: bag / box / gift box
Packing: aluminum foil bag / box / can
Dimension 50g box: 8.5 x 6.5 x 8.5cm(H)
Dimension 100g box: 8.5 x 6.5 x 16cm(H)
Origin: Taiwan
Certificate: by TUV / SGS

● Specialties:

Oriental Beauty is categorized as heavy fermented tea; fermentation degree is between 60% and 70%. It is made from the best stems with one bud and two leaves. Oriental Beauty is usually found in Hsin-chu, Miao-li and Ping-lin; grown on hills among 200m-400m altitude. What makes this tea unique is that the young tea leaves are stung by a small insect called Jacobiasca formosana during cultivation, and the saliva of the insect will cause a variation on the leaves. This variation makes the tea have a unique scent of honey or ripe fruits.

The application of pesticides is absolutely forbidden to protect the little insect, so that it can leave its saliva on tea tree leaves. Therefore, Oriental Beauty is considered the most eco-friendly tea among all. The color of the tea is orange-red or amber. It contents plenty of amino acids and gives a smooth taste without bitterness. The tea leaf is short and with 5-color stripes. White, green yellow, red and brown, five-color stripes makes the leaves like flower petals. The leaf tip is with fine white furs. The more fur there is at the tip, the higher class the tea is. As a result, Oriental Beauty is also called White Tip Oolong. Other names, such as Puff Tea, Champagne Oolong, and Fu-Shou Tea (Fu: good luck; Shou: long life) are all indicates the same tea, which is Oriental Beauty.

The taste of Oriental Beauty is between Dong Ding Oolong and black teas, but with a tendency to the later. It releases a mature and elegant taste. There was a tale about the name, Oriental Beauty. It is said that when this tea was imported to the great Britain from Taiwan, the Queenie was very fascinated by the honey smell (or the natural ripe fruity fragrance), so she named the tea “Oriental Beauty.”

The tea trees of FLUXTREE are raised under natural farming by small independent tea farmers in Taiwan. No chemical fertilizers are applied. All leaves are picked manually from the stems with one bud and two leaves. The production is very rare, so the fermentation process is conducted by human labor. No artificial flavors and sweets are added. All products are examined on a regular basis for chemical and heavy metal residue. This tea also attended several contests and have received a number of awards.

  • Storage:
    1. Avoid extreme temperature environment, humidity and direct exposure to the sun.
    2. To store in a sealed package or air-tight container.
  • Application: (how to make the tea)
    1. Hot Brew:
      Required water temperature: around 85℃
      1st Brew: brewing for 1minute, ready for serving
      2nd Brew: brewing 50 seconds, ready for serving
      3rd Brew: brewing 40 seconds, ready for serving
      Starting from 4th brew, each new brew, required brewing time is 30 seconds more than the previous brew, however, it is adjustable to meet personal taste.
      Minimum 4 to 6 brews.
    2. Cold Brew:
      Put 10 grams of tea leaves with 300ml of water, and leave in the refrigerator.
      Then the cold brew is ready to be served after 6~8 hours.
  • Tools:It is recommend to use white porcelain, ceramic or glass tea sets.
  • Fermented:Heavy ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
  • Validity:see packaging (YYYY / MM/DD)
  • Expiry:2 years

  • Weight:(±5%)available
    □ 50g
    □ 60g
    □ 75g
    □ 100g
    □ 120g
    □ 150g
    □ other
    □ original roasted
    □ light roasted
    □ medium roasted
    □ heavy roasted

  • Tested by:
    1. Tüv Rheinland Aimex Ltd. (Taiwan)
    2. SGS Taiwan Limited.
  • Items tested:(unit is ppm)
    1. Minerals & Heavy Metals:
      Including 5 items: Arsenic (As), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Cadmium (Cd), and Copper (Cu).
      All contents meet the required limits or N.D. (Non Detected).
    2. Pesticides residual test:
      All test results meet N.D. (Non Detected).

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