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Organic Cotton

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Story about 100% organic cotton
Farm Land & Water Polluted
Cotton farms cover 3% of farmlands in the world, but the consumption of pesticides on cotton farms is 25% of the global consumption of pesticides. In other words, a huge amount of pesticides is spread in the cotton farm. In the United States, to harvest a pound of cotton for a T-shirt requires 1/3 pound of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in average. This causes not only the soil polluted and acidified, but also the rivers and groundwater contaminated. Directly or indirectly, we humans and all living kinds (includes: animals、fishes、birds and plants) are endangered by these pollution.

There has not been an united definition for ‘Organic Cotton’. However, the important common consensus and standard are as follows:
Organic cotton should be cultivated via natural farming on the land which has no any chemical fertilizers and pesticides for 3 years, and has matched GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) and certified by the international accredited third parties, such as CU (Control Union Certifications, Holland) or IMO (Institute for Marketecology, Swiss).

Advantages / specialties
From cultivation to textile manufacturing, every step has no chemical fertilizers、 pesticides、defoliants、formaldehyde、fluorescent agents、bleach and poisoned dyeing & printing. Therefore, organic cotton clothing owns the advantages, as below:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Skin-friendly
  • Healthy
  • Global standard and certificate
  • Easy to wash & clean & dry
  • Save water & electricity
  • Sustainable value
It keeps your warmth、and your skin can breathe with no statics. If you are allergic to artificial textile, should try this on. Your allergic reaction will be eased! Besides, it is easy to wash、clean and dry;therefore, can save water & electricity.

Healthy、Eco,We Love !
Adults or children, pregnant women or infants, everyone deserves organic cotton-made clothes which is natural and non-toxic to put on. Please support organic cotton farmers and providers in action. The more we buy of organic cotton clothing, the less consumption of chemical fertilizers、pesticides、defoliants、fluorescent agents and bleach etc. We will be benefit from organic cotton clothing for its comfortable and healthy, meanwhile the earth can be less pollution.

FLUXTREE’s organic clothing are made of organic cotton yarn and cloth from well-known Taiwanese textile entrepreneurs. The yarn and cloth both meet GOTS and certified by CU/ IMO. It has no any fluorescent agents、bleach、formaldehyde and no poisoned dyeing & printing. Choosing the recyclable packing materials plus packing simplified too. FLUXTREE’s idea of natural、healthy、eco-friendly and care for the earth is put in practice throughout the manufacture processes as possible as we can.