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About us

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To be: Sustainable Liver !
To do: Sustainable Life Management (SLM) !
Goal : To care for the Human and Earth,we improve life values and qualities.

In 2004, Cores, Inc. was established in Taiwan, R.O.C.. Our mission is SLM which including as below:
Health Eco Intelligence Aesthetics Culture Innovation

Based on the innovation、design、MIT (Made in Taiwan), with OBM strategy,we integrate natural farming、eco-textile、certification、smart-tech to provide better value and quality of life goods (ex. organic clothing、Taiwan teas、coffee) which have sustainable values such as less poison、organic、health、beauty、innovation、less waste、fair trade、sharing etc.

Through B2B and B2C (actual shops and e-shops),we enter into markets to satisfy customers. We may import and export too. We have so-called the "social enterprise" spirit.

“A New World”– The Sustainable Shangri-La,we expect !