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About us

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To be: Sustainable Liver !
To do: Sustainable Life Management (SLM) !
Goal : To care for the Human and Earth,we improve life values and qualities.

In 2004, Cores, Inc. was established in Taiwan, R.O.C.. Our mission is SLM which including as below:
Health Eco Intelligence Aesthetics Culture Innovation

Based on the innovation、design、MIT (Made in Taiwan) and OBM strategy,we integrate natural farming、eco-textile、certification、smart-tech to provide better value and quality of life goods (ex. organic clothing、Taiwan teas、coffee) which have sustainable values such as less poison、organic、health、beauty、innovation、less waste、fair trade、sharing etc. Anyway,we have so-called the "social enterprise" spirit.

Through B2B and B2C (actual shops and e-shops),we enter into markets to satisfy customers. We may import and export too.

“A New World”– The Sustainable Shangri-La,we expect !