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FLUXTREE stands for three in one: light、river、and tree. They all symbolize the sustainability which including: health、eco、intelligence、aesthetics、innovation and culture.

Lux represents light. Light travels through the past and future. It lightens the darkness and brings life,and full of energy and passion,so we can see the colorful world with prosperous creatures. Light brings hope and life. Such are the benevolent.
Flux refers to river. Rivers,composed by crystal clear water drops falling from the sky,clean and fertilize the land to generate the human civilization and nourish all creatures. The supreme good is like water. Softness conquers strength. Such are the wise.
Tree contributes leaves for medical practices and fruits for food. With photosynthesis,the climate is regulated by less CO2 emission and more fresh oxygen generation. Trees are also the best guard for the conservation of water and soil. Such are the righteous.

Starting from our heart,the sustainable living should be naturally performed in our daily life. So,that is FLUXTREE thinking and doing.

We wish a sustainable Shangri-la can reappear, where every creature can live together peacefully in a joyous scene of spring, and human are free from diseases and sins. We can say it is "A New World",a sustainable paradise where nature and human in one.